Welcome to ATH - a 501c3 dedicated to honoring the horror genre

All Things Horror was founded by a small collection of residents concerned with honoring and celebrating the art and legacy of horror films. Whether they’re independent films, cult classics, or record-setting box office thrillers, ATH is here to celebrate them. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that desires to explore the commentary and historical significance that horror movies and its related media bring to our society. We hope to empower our community to not only watch and love horror films, but also create it for themselves by eventually:

  • Showing great films and premieres
  • Cultivating an educational environment to teach adults and kids about filmmaking
  • Fostering a conducive environment to discussing the nuances of horror storylines and their development

All Things Horror was born from humble beginnings when a group of friends got together to watch horror films — the cheesier, the better. As word traveled, what was originally a handful of cinephiles erupted into a tight-knit group with a clear mission statement, and All Things Horror (ATH) was born to honor both classic and independent film.

We are looking to ultimately expand from not just appreciating movies, but to supporting up-and-coming filmmakers dedicated to the horror genre. We would like to introduce a variety of support services to encourage filmmakers, such as providing advice or referrals, conducting workshops, and producing an information-rich website to discuss and review various horror movies.

As we are only a startup nonprofit, any resources that are made available to us are particularly invaluable. In particular, we would like to thank Tech Crawl for their services to the nonprofit and academic community. Please bear with us while we get the rest of our site up and running.

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